How to tell the difference of Human hair &Synthetic hair?

It is easy to tell the difference via Burning & Smelling.
The synethetic hair will become a plastic ball after burning with a bad chemical smell.
The human hiar will be ash and gone away. And the hair smells like protein.

Is the hair tangle or shedding?

Tangle free and Shedding free: The hair raw materials we selected is 100% virgin human hair from one donor. Cuticles are intact and the same directions. The hair weave was sewed in double weft and use the best quality South Korean weft glue which is strong enough to prevent the hair hair shedding.

Can hair be dyed and bleached?

Yes, virgin hair is unprocessed without any chemical treated. Just like your own hair. The hair can be dyed bleached and styled easily. But we suggest you dye and bleach your hair under the processional guide or via the local hair stylists if you are worried to damage the hair.

How much hair will I need?

It depends on your own hair and the look you are going for.

For partial weaves, usually 2 bundles is enough, For average full head weaves, usually 3 bundles of hair. For a fuller look, usually 4 bundles.

It also depends on the lengths. For short lengths maybe 3 bundles look fuller, but if you wear longer length, 4 bundles can look the same fuller as 3 bundles of short hair.

How to care your virgin hair?

It is 100% virgin human hair, you should take care just as your own hair. Serum and Moroccan oil will help keep you hair soft after every wash and heat serum or protection spray is essential to protect against heat styling. Use a deep treatment once a month to keep the extensions soft and shiny. Don’t wash or style your hair with products that have a high alcohol contend. Use a gentle clarifying shampoo every 2-3 weeks. To avoid tangling when you sleep, tie hair in a loose braid. You can also use a satin head scarf or satin pillow case to prevent friction.

How often can I wash my virgin hair?

Wash it as often as you like ,our mink Brazilian hair is very strong and durable. Pay attention to your natural hair underneath. Make sure to dry it properly.

How long will the hair last?

Our mink Brazilian hair is the best quality we supply. Can last more than 1 year if care properly

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